Doga Dog - Yoga Doggie Style by Suzi Teitelman

Doga Dog - Yoga Doggie Style
Suzi Teitelman

An instructional DVD on how to do Doga at home with your dogs.

Suzi and her dog Coali created Doga in 2001 while working at Crunch Fitness in NYC. As the Director of Yoga for Crunch, Suzi implemented Doga onto the Crunch schedule across the country of Crunches....and that was the just the beginning of an international love of yoga with your dog. Suzi and her black Cocker Coali, taught Doga together for 15 years. Since his passing, Suzi still teaches Doga with her now 3 dogs, in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Suzi teaches locally, does online trainings, and also travels to events. Get in touch and make Doga happen for you and your dogs, and your yoga and dog community!

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