Dancing with Your Dog: Getting Started by Sandra Davis

Dancing with Your Dog: Getting Started
Sandra Davis

"Getting Started" teaches your dog 20 basic movements that you can use in canine musical freestyle dance routines. Sandra and her Giant Schnauzer, Jabberwocky, demonstrate how to teach your dog the dance movements in a step by step positive approach.

The moves are divided into 3 categories:

1. The 8 PARALLEL moves where the dog and handler move together.
2. The 6 CIRCLE moves where the dog moves by itself.
3. And 6 FLASHY moves that don't fit into the other two groups.

Following the instruction in each category, Sandra and her Border Collie, Pepper, perform a dance routine that features those movements.

A step by step positive approach to teaching your dog the movements that can be used in a dance routine.

Learn the new and exciting dog sport, Musical Canine Freestyle, where dog and handler perform dance type movements together to music!

About Sandra:

Sandra became active in AKC dog competitions in 1956. She started with Great Danes, and spent 18 years showing her dogs in the conformation ring. Several Danes of her breeding ranked nationally one with two All-Breed Best in Shows to his credit. In 1963 she co-founded the Great Dane Club of El Paso.

AKC DOG OBEDIENCE (10 Obedience Trial Champions / 7 breeds)
In 1981 Sandra discovered dog obedience competitions after purchasing a Standard Poodle puppy and joining the local training club. A few match wins and she was hooked. OTCH Gambolique, TD was her Novice A dog and the beginning of a succession of Obedience Trial Champions:
a Doberman Pinscher (OTCH4 Raventine, UDX),
a Giant Schnauzer (OTCH KaRon's Kontessa),
an English Springer Spaniel (OTCH Sulo's Ledgewood Gypsy)
her male Giant, OTCH KaRon's Jabberwocky,
Pepper (U-OCH/ CH/OTCH22 Heelalong Jalapena, UDX15, HT, NA, OAJ) the dancing Border Collie, CH/OTCH Skansen's Tequila, UDX, TD, NA, NAJ, first of the breed with both conformation and obedience championship titles, Golden Retriever, OTCH Auburnmist Golden Rule. Sandra's rescue dog, Jack Russell Terrier, OTCH Speedbump, UDX2 (Maggie) was the second JRT and first female of that breed to earn that title, and as of May 9, 2009, OTCH HobNob Bridgit, UDX, RN, OM1, was the youngest dog of any breed to earn the obedience champion title at 20 months of age..

In 1984, Sandra demonstrated the new English sport, Agility, to the US obedience community and became an acknowledged pioneer of "British" dog agility in this country.

In September 1984 she and her dogs put on an agility demonstration at her club's obedience trial.

Sandra was inducted into the USDAA Hall of Fame - Pioneers of Dog Agility in 2003.

In November 1994, Sandra joined that Canadian organization, Musical Canine Sports International (MCSI), secured a list of their movements, and began training her Border Collie, Pepper, to do freestyle dance moves because this dog needed more activities than obedience to keep her exercised.

It was the beginning of a succession of freestyle demos she and Pepper would give around the country. Those dancing demos led to requests for seminars, which created the opportunity for her Dancing With Your Dog videos and book.


In early 2002, Sandra devised a new dog sport she calls K9 Dressage. This new sport combines the discipline of obedience along with freestyle movements presented in a format patterned after equine dressage. She believes that requiring the dog to work both sides of its body equally when performing a variety of movements will produce a more balanced and flexible animal.

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