Solving Fear and Aggression by Dr. Sophia Yin

Solving Fear and Aggression
Dr. Sophia Yin

Presented by: Dr. Sophia Yin, DVM, MS

Many owners, foster parents, and rescue workers worry about fear, reactivity, and aggression problems in their dogs—and rightly so. Now you can learn to recognize, understand, and address the issues before they become a problem.

In this fun and fascinating two-day seminar with demonstrations, taught by veterinarian, applied animal behaviorist, and international speaker Dr. Sophia Yin, you’ll learn the science behind how all dogs think and learn, how to recognize early signs of brewing behavior problems, the types of play interactions that can cause friendly dogs to become reactive to others and the basic tried and true approaches to fixing these issues permanently. You’ll also see Dr. Yin’s step-by-step program for training leadership in humans and focus and impulse control in dogs. This version of the learn to earn program provides the quickest way to bond with a dog, teach impulse control, and help the dog look to you for guidance even in the unfamiliar environment or scary situation. Once she lays the foundation skills and knowledge she delves deeper. She uncovers methods for measuring handler technique and dog response, discusses whether genetics has a role, and presents a holistic approach to dealing with fearful, reactive and aggressive dogs.

Author of numerous books (including Perfect Puppy in 7 Days and Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats) and creator of her own version of the “Learn to Earn” training system, Dr. Yin has applied her extensive scientific training and knowledge to developing practical and effective animal training methods.

About the presenter:

Dr. Sophia Yin is a veterinarian, applied animal behaviorist, and the author of many books and textbooks, including Perfect Puppy in 7 Days; How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves; Low Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification of Dogs & Cats; and The Small Animal Veterinary Nerdbook®. She earned her veterinary degree and a Master’s in Animal Science from the University of California, Davis, and for five years taught the animal behavior courses in the UC Davis Animal Science Department. Dr. Yin is also on the executive board for the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and was on the American Association of Feline Practitioners’ (AAFP) Handling Guidelines Committee.

Dr. Yin is the inventor of the Treat&Train® or “MannersMinder®” Remote Controlled Reward-based Dog Training System, and was for five years the award-winning pet columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle. She practiced at San Francisco Veterinary Specialists for many years, has consulted for several zoos, and has served as a behavior expert for TV shows such as Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 and Weird, True & Freaky.

Currently she sees behavior house calls and lectures and teaches workshops on animal behavior, training, and low-stress pet handling in the U.S. and internationally. Her mission in life is to improve our understanding of animals and their behavior so that we can care for, appreciate, and enjoy our time with them better. Learn more at her animal behavior web site at www.drsophiayin.com.

Run Time: 11 hrs 40 mins

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