First Aid - CPR For Pets by Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

First Aid - CPR For Pets
Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

This is a 30 minute video of myself showing you how to perform CPR on your dog or cat. This is on DVD, playable in your DVD player or your computer's DVD drive.

The CPR video covers the following:

Assessing Responsiveness
Establishing Patent Airway
Performing Rescue Breathing
Establishing Circulation (Cardiac Massage)

The video covers how to correctly perform the Heimlich on your dog or cat, in the event of an obstruction in your pet's airway. This is covered under 'Establishing Patent Airway'.

Dr. Andrew Jones was raised on a farm in rural British Columbia, Canada. He grew up reading James Herriot books, stories about the life of a mixed animal veterinarian in rural England. These humorous stories inspired the young Dr. Jones and painted a picture of a dedicated vet and a fulfilling life.

Since graduating with his DVM from the University of Saskatchewan in 1992, Dr. Jones has been practicing as a small animal veterinarian and has treated thousands of animals (* Dr. Jones is no longer practicing, as he has resigned from the College of Veterinarians of BC). He has a special interest in a variety of alternative, non-traditional remedies for pets and has written pet-health books, countless articles on at-home pet health care, created a Home Study Course for dog and cat owners, and formulated premium nutritional supplements for dogs and cats (Ultimate Canine for dogs and Ultimate Feline for cats). He is the former owner of the Nelson Animal Hospital, in Nelson BC.

Dr. Jones’ pets, Lewis, Jesse, and Cleo and Gussie, are a part of his family. This philosophy of animals being members of the family is applied to his work as well, in both his practice and in his online business; his client’s pets are a part of their family and they deserve the best care possible.

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Health Care/Nutrition

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