Separation Anxiety: Both Sides Now by Nicole Wilde

Separation Anxiety: Both Sides Now
Nicole Wilde

Many owners become frustrated and overwhelmed living with a dog with separation anxiety, and some even give up. While most trainers are aware of standard protocols and approaches, some dogs just haven’t read the game plans, and outside-the-box solutions are needed. Living with Sierra, a shelter dog who came with a deeply entrenched case of separation anxiety, has given Nicole an insider’s perspective on separation issues and has emphasized the fact that a cookie-cutter approach does not work for every dog. Nicole’s twenty years of experience as a canine behavior specialist, along with her newfound empathy for owners, allowed her to develop outside-the-box, creative ways to address separation problems and to support owners.

This presentation includes lecture and video.

Topics include:

How to accurately diagnose a separation issue, and how to differentiate separation anxiety from isolation distress
Root causes, and how owners can have an influence for better or worse
Creative management options, including what to do in an emergency
The Alone Zone: Where in (or outside) the house to leave your dog when you’re away; what is not recommended and why
The latest, easy-to-use technological advances that allow you to monitor your dog remotely
Assessing if and when pharmacological intervention is appropriate, and two natural alternatives to consider
Complementary products and therapies that may help
Separation anxiety myths (You might be surprised at some of the ”accepted wisdom” that is simply untrue!)
Common questions, such as “Could getting a second dog help?”
A structure to help you formulate a customized behavior modification plan

This seminar is appropriate for trainers, shelter/rescue workers, owners, and other dog enthusiasts and professionals.

2 hours, 43 minutes

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