Utilizing Operant Conditioning and Shaping Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Confidence and problem Solving Skills by Nicole Larocco

Utilizing Operant Conditioning and Shaping Techniques to Enhance Creativity, Confidence and problem Solving Skills
Nicole Larocco

Presented by: Nicole Larocco

DVD 2 disc set – run time 3 hrs 17 mins

Filmed at the 2013 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference “The Art & Science of Training: Dog and Handler

In these working sessions, Nicole helps to enhance the human-animal bond between handlers and their dogs. Her working sessions teach the animal critical thinking skills which will benefit all dogs from family pets to high level obedience competitors to working dogs. Utilizing free shaping, handlers are able to teach a dog to continue working even if they are exhibiting frustration or are unsure about how to proceed. This two part DVD includes 3 Hands-On sessions:

“Foundations of Building a Marker Cue and Shaping Behavior”

“Strengthening Existing Behaviors Through Shaping”

“Thinking Outside of the Crate: Building Creativity and Confidence Through Advanced Shaping Techniques”

About Nicole Larocco:

Nicole Larocco, CPDT has been training dogs professionally for over 12 years. In 2008, she moved to Philadelphia to serve as the Director of Animal Behavior for the Pennsylvania SPCA where she specialized in introducing positive reinforcement training techniques to create a unique enrichment program for cruelty case and fighting dogs. Nicole’s work at the Pennsylvania SPCA has been featured on Animal Planets’ series “Animal Cops: Philadelphia” and “Dogfighting: Exposed” as well as through several other radio and television outlets.

Nicole is currently the Director of Training for New Leash on Life USA (www.newleashonlife-usa.org), a unique prison training program in Philadelphia with a dual mission to train and place dogs who are at risk for euthanasia in Philadelphia city shelters, and educate and support inmate trainers, teaching them skills on how to become positive reinforcement dog trainers. Nicole also owns and operates Philly Unleashed (www.phillyunleashed.com), a dog training and behavioral consulting firm in Philadelphia and its vicinity.

Nicole lives in Philadelphia with her two rescued dogs Uluru the Australian Cattle Dog mix and Porterhouse the Border Collie mix, who compete in the sports of AKC obedience and agility.

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