Thinking Like a Dog - Various Trainers by Miscellaneous

Thinking Like a Dog - Various Trainers

Thinking Like a Dog

Presented by: Evan MacLean, Miles Bensky, Paul Bunker, David Sinn, Scott Thomas, & Annemarie DeAngelo

DVD 2 disc set – run time 2 hrs 43 mins

Filmed at the 2013 Penn Vet Conference “The Art & Science of Training: Dog and Handler”

This DVD includes:

Evan MacLean “The Cognitive Skills of Working Dogs”

Evan MacLean has a comprehensive understanding of the growing demand for working dogs, the high attrition rates from many training programs, and the need to develop selection criteria capable of identifying dogs that are likely to succeed in diverse working roles. Evan and his colleagues have developed a battery of tests designed to measure a dogs’ cognitive skills in a range of contexts relevant to working dog populations. He shares the details of the Dog Cognition Test Battery and its ability to assess skills relevant to social cognition (e.g., communication, intention reading), physical cognition (e.g., navigation, spatial memory) and domain general processes (e.g. inhibitory control, working memory).

Miles Bensky “Promoting Key Behavior in Detection Dogs”

Miles Bensky discusses the current state of the canine cognition field and the potential for future canine cognition research, specifically involving working dogs. Miles focuses on research completed with the Transportation Security Administration’s Canine Breeding and Development Center involving an enrichment device called the Reward-o-Matic. The research studies he shares seek to measure the potential effects of this enrichment device on program outcomes as well as how we can use enrichment opportunities to measure consistent individual differences in dog behavior.

Scott Thomas “Knowing What You See and Seeing What You Know”

Scott Thomas kicks off the 4 day Penn Vet Working Dog Conference by highlighting the commonalities among the diverse disciplines of working dogs. Scott shares many specific benchmarks in the history of training that remind everyone of the great strides that have been made in understanding of the training of working dogs. He emphasizes the need to work together, across disciplines, to continue the pattern of advancement.

Also included in this 2 part DVD:

Paul Bunker “K2 Solutions’ Canine Research and Development Opens Doors”
David Sinn “Bridging Science and Practice to Improve Working Dog Outcomes: an example from a collaboration between University of Texas and the USA’s TSA-CBDC”
Annemarie DeAngelo “Penn Vet Working Dog Center Overview”

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