On Target - Clicker Training by Gary Wilkes

On Target - Clicker Training
Gary Wilkes

On Target was the first stand-alone video about using targets to teach agility and obedience -- by the person who brought targeting to dog training, Gary Wilkes. This video gives step by step instructions on how to use a target stick to teach heeling, agility obstacles and obedience behaviors like "drop on recall." The sequence showing a 12 wk old Boston how to do the "dog walk" on a 4X4 is worth the price of the DVD.

Note: This is a linear presentation - you run it with the fast forward and rewind buttons, not with menus.

Gary Wilkes is an internationally acclaimed behaviorist, trainer, author, columnist, teacher and lecturer. He offers a wide variety of animal related services, including behavior modification, training and behavioral instruction for animal care professionals, pet owners and professional trainers.

He currently provides behavior services in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area by veterinary referral and is the architect of the highly successful Coyote rehabilitation project at the Phoenix Zoo. Wilkes is most noted as the founder of "Click and Treat(R) Training", the first practical and humane application of operant conditioning for dogs – and the hottest trend in modern dog training. He has taught his methods to US Army Delta Force Special Operations handlers, the staff at the Seeing Eye and Paws With A Cause - the most effective service dog school in the country. Wilkes has earned respect for his abilities in both the "real world" of dog training and the scientific world of behavior analysis. He has a unique ability to simplify complex principles into easily applied methods.

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