Behavior Modification Thru Pack Work by Cheri Lucas

Behavior Modification Thru Pack Work
Cheri Lucas

For the professional trainer, there are countless advantages to having your own rehabilitated, balanced pack of dogs. Whether your pack consists of you and one other dog, or you and 15 dogs, your pack can greatly enhance your ability to turn around your client's troubled dog, such a common problem that many clients think is normal. But in their natural world, it is normal for dogs to coexist peacefully with other members of their own species.

Dogs seek to be balanced, but many have never had the opportunity to experience the primal activity of moving forward in a structured pack with other balanced dogs. This experience can be a powerful force that will help you turn a problem dog around quickly, and often permanently.

Giving your client the opportunity to see her own dog in a pack of dogs will create a powerful visual for your client that will help her see what behavior her dog is capable of achieving. Cheri will teach you how to create your own pack...one dog at a time. She will discuss the steps she took to develop her pack and the lessons she learned along the way.

Cheri Lucas met and began training under Cesar Millan 10 years ago. With Cesar's help, Cheri began to work with the sometimes dog-aggressive dogs in her care to turn them into a group of more balanced and therefore more adoptable dogs. In time, Cheri had created her own pack of dogs that could walk and socialized together.

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