3 Dog Days - Breakthrough Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation System by Angie Winters

3 Dog Days - Breakthrough Dog Adoption and Rehabilitation System
Angie Winters

"3 Dog Days" is a revolutionary dog training system developed by dog behaviorist, Angie Winters. This innovative adoption and rehabilitation program shows you exactly how to bring a new dog into your life, or rehabilitate a dog that is already a member of your family. Imagine....just by following Angie's dog psychology techniques, over a 3 day period, your dog will feel secure and clearly understand how you want him to behave. It automatically sets you up as the leader in a respectful way. "3 Dog Days" clearly shows your dog not to chase the kids or charge the front door. It's extremely effective for potty training, separation anxiety and crate training. This is the information you've been looking for! This program is recommended for dogs over four months old.

Angie is a dog behavior consultant and has worked with and loved dogs ALL my life. She enjoys training dogs, but LOVES to help dogs and their people using dog psychology and to “fix” what others call unfixable.

Through constant trial and error rehabilitating many dogs, she is completely convinced that communicating clearly using dog psychology is THE answer. Once humans learn to communicate with a dog, from the dog’s viewpoint, the dog changes rapidly. They are wired to follow us and to belong to a pack.

Understanding dog psychology allows the human to become the leader in a respectful way. Even if we don’t do everything perfectly…dogs will still follow us if they believe we are a respectful, confident leader. They want peace and happiness and companionship…..just like us.

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