Every Dog Every Day by Kay Laurence

Every Dog Every Day
Kay Laurence

**Please Note: This DVD is formatted in the PAL format and can only be viewed on a computer or select DVD players that support PAL.

Many training strategies and behavioral modification programs focus on changing dogs' behavior.

This DVD by popular British dog trainer and ClickerExpo faculty member Kay Laurence introduces another mindset. In Every Dog Every Day, Kay describes a different view of your dog's innate behaviors, and explains how trying to suppress these innate responses can be met with resistance and conflict. Kay's suggestion is to think about working with the grain, not against it, to move closer to an enjoyable connection and relationship with your dog.

Kay has lived with many dogs over many years, observing their daily interactions and their puppy-rearing and sharing in their activities. With skill, dogs teach us the art of living as a harmonious group, and the art of developing connection. This understanding is shared through the DVD, with advice based on consistent, high-quality results with a range of dogs and people.

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Advanced/Pro Training
Problem Dogs

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