Osteoarthritis and Your Dog: Help Your Dog Live a Healthier, Happier Life by Debbie Gross Saunders

Osteoarthritis and Your Dog: Help Your Dog Live a Healthier, Happier Life
Debbie Gross Saunders

The chronic, degenerative disease osteoarthritis, (also described as degenerative joint disease, and arthritis),is caused by the inflammation and deterioration of the cartilage, bone, and soft tissue of one or more joints. This progressive disease causes pain and decreased flexibility in the affected joint(s).

The resulting pain slows down a full 25% of adult dogs and even more senior dogs. Unfortunately, there is no outright cure for osteoarthritis, but using the right treatment and management program, you and your veterinarian can do a great deal to decrease your dog’s discomfort, limit the overall effect on his activity level and keep him living life to the fullest.

The information Debbie Gross Saunders covers in this DVD will help you understand the disease and your options for a treatment program. It will also show you what you can do for your dog to help him lead a healthier, happier life.

Debbie Gross Saunders holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in physical therapy from Boston University, a Master of Science degree from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut in Orthopedic Physical Therapy, and she earned her doctorate in Physical Therapy in August 2008 at the University of Tennessee.

Debbie has been working with small animals for over fourteen years. During the past seven years, she has become passionate about the recognition and treatment of injuries in athletic dogs and currently runs a facility on her 23 acre farm that can accommodate lengthy stays for the rehabilitation of dogs, and in particular athletic dogs.

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