Take A Bow Wow! Parts 1 & 2 Clicker Training by Sherri Lippman

Take A Bow Wow! Parts 1 & 2 Clicker Training
Sherri Lippman


Fun & Functional Dog Tricks

This professionally produced, entertaining video offers an excellent introduction to CLICKER TRAINING and includes step-by-step instructions for teaching a dozen tricks:

Touch Open doors
Push a ball Close doors
Chase your tail Ring a bell to go outside
Roll over Play dead
Back up Retrieve the leash
Take a bow Wave

Adults and children find the video very appealing, and because the training is based on POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, your dog will love the trick training as much as you!

Your trick-trained dog will impress family and friends, and even assist you around the house. Tricks are also very entertaining during pet therapy visits.


Clever Tricks and Advanced Skills

Following the international success of "Take a Bow...Wow!" we are pleased to present "Bow Wow Take 2." You will find this video packed with clever ideas for teaching skills like:

Crawl Cross your paws
Turn lights on/off Turn TV on/off
Retrieve & carry all types of items Clean up toys
Throw out garbage Get a drink from the refrigerator
Scent discrimination

Whether you are looking for more challenges for your dog, have dreams of canine acting, or need a helpful training resource for Assistance Dogs, "Bow Wow Take 2" is bursting with effective training tips and easy-to-follow instructions.

(Some of the exercises on this video build on skills taught on "Take a Bow...Wow!")

About the Trainers

BROITMAN / North Star Canines & Company

Virginia Broitman has been involved in dog training since 1981. Over the years, her business has provided counseling for behavioral problems, group classes, private lessons, and occasional Assistance Dog training. Virginia also volunteers with local animal rescue groups, evaluating dogs and providing training support to foster dogs and adoptive families.

She has also written training articles for NADOI's "Forward" publication and "The Clicker Journal." Her column in Forward has been a 'Dog Writers Association of America' finalist in 1999 and 2000.

Her own dogs have participated in a variety of activities, including pet therapy visits, agility competitions, herding, and TV/advertising work. The current menagerie includes a Shepherd mix, two Min Pins, a Cattle Dog, a Papillon and three rats.

Both Virginia and Sherri present clicker training workshops around the country and are faculty members of Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expos.

SHERRI LIPPMAN / Citizen Canine, Inc.

Sherri Lippman began her dog training career in 1970, raising German Shepherds for Seeing Eye. From there, she continued her canine education, working at several local obedience clubs and competing successfully in dog obedience trials. While earning degrees in Behavioral Psychology and Counseling, Sherri further expanded her dog training career by attending seminars, reading everything available about dogs and working with local dog training schools.

Sherri has been involved in Search & Rescue and Therapy Dog visits. She has also logged in many hours volunteering at animal shelters, helping to solve canine behavior problems and training older shelter dogs to make them more adoptable.

She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and owns and operates Citizen Canine, Inc., which provides instruction and behavior counseling based on positive reinforcement techniques. She practices in the Central Virginia area, and offers group classes in Charlottesville. Sherri's two German Shepherds, Beauceron, cat, horses, and chickens all enjoy the benefits of clicker training.

Both Sherri and Virginia present clicker training workshops around the country and are faculty members of Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expos.

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