An Introduction to All Breed Herding by Lynn Leach

An Introduction to All Breed Herding
Lynn Leach

This DVD shows 19 different herding breeds in action. Starts with a Border Collie & a Kelpie to explain and show how the strong-eyed breeds work. The remainder of the video looks at upright, loose-eyed breeds and ideas to handle problems that are common with them. Starts right with the dog's first introduction to livestock - ideas on what you can do for problems such as quitting work, circling, gripping, splitting the stock. Once the dog is balancing and working for the handler you will learn what skills are needed for arena-type trials and ideas on how to teach those skills. Also discusses instinct tests, negotiating obstacles, and "what's next."

About Lynn

Lynn Leach, experienced herding trainer, clinician, one of the only original committee members still on the Council for the CKC Herding Program, a judge in several programs, a key-note speaker for judging seminars and creator of the herding dog training DVDs Introduction to All Breed Herding and All Breed Herding the Next Steps.

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