Grooming Your Dog - Basic Haircuts  by Susie Ward

Grooming Your Dog - Basic Haircuts
Susie Ward

Your dog needs basic grooming.
Your longhaired dog needs haircuts.
Here's how to do it all.

The team that produced the critically acclaimed "Show Off Your Dog GROOMING BASICS" presents this wonderful new video. They have selected the haircuts that are the simplest to execute and easiest to maintain for this most engaging program ...the BASIC HAIRCUTS. All of the essential grooming procedures that contribute to
your dog's health and well being are clearly presented. This is the most complete and practical grooming guide available for the dog owner.

This sixty-five minute instructional video demonstrates the BASICS of grooming, pet haircuts and fundamental dog training for grooming.

Once you learn these basics, the rest is simple and you can be grooming your own dog.

If you do all of your own grooming, this is the only grooming instruction you will ever need to have a perfectly groomed dog. If you use a professional groomer and your dog is accustomed to being groomed properly at home, his experience at
groomer's will be a more pleasant event and certainly one that is less

This enjoyable and upbeat program is presented by Ena Lane and Susie Ward.
Ena is a world class breeder and exhibitor. Susie is a highly regarded professional
groomer and lecturer

--From The Studio
Product Description
Grooming your dog just became easier, more convenient and more economical!

Here is a practical guide to BASIC GROOMING for your dog that demonstrates

This video offers an ideal approach to grooming a dog at home. The program
details essential grooming and simple, basic haircuts that can be adapted to suit a variety of breeds and breed types. Rather than a tutorial in complex professional
grooming techniques and intricate breed specific pet clips, the emphasis is on
simplifying procedures for the average pet owner.

Your dog's health and well being depend upon BASIC GROOMING. Learn to:
Trim the eyebrows and whiskers...Trim the pads of the feet...Pluck hair from
the ears...Cut the toenails.

Key elements of conventional pet clips comprise the BASIC HAIRCUTS so that you
can select the one most suitable for your dog, whatever the breed. Learn how to give your dog an attractive haircut: The Spaniel Cut ... The Traditional Puppy Cut ...The Poodle Clip ... The Puppy Cut for Terriers ... The Utility Cut.

For grooming to be the enjoyable, rewarding experience it should be for you
and your dog, BASIC TRAINING is necessary. Among the topics included are:
Your Puppy's First Bath ... Handling the Geriatric Dog

You don't have to be skilled in all the techniques used by professional groomers
in order to have your dog perfectly groomed with an attractive haircut. Bring the
grooming, the haircuts and the training down to BASICS, and you can be
grooming your own dog. It's just that simple!

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