Building a Winning Team - Headed in the Right Direction by Patrick Shannahan

Building a Winning Team - Headed in the Right Direction
Patrick Shannahan

Join two time US National Champion, Patrick Shannahan, as he takes us on the journey of training a sheepdog. Second in the DVD series Building a Winning Team, Headed in the Right Direction continues the focus on clear, concise communication.

Patrick will introduce flanks; demonstrating good flanks while assessing flanks that need work. You will learn the importance of the gather and how to begin to lengthen your dog’s outrun. Patrick will continue to teach you how to develop your dog’s good method on the sheep while working on small fetches. With clear, concise footage, Patrick will explain what he is seeing while training and will help get you and your dog Headed in the Right Direction.

Patrick been involved in the sheepdog world for the last sixteen years. Much of his time is devoted to training individuals how to train and work livestock dogs. Most dogs are Border Collies, but he has helped with many other breeds as well.

Patrick has judged prestigious working dog events throughout North America such as the USBCHA National Finals, Blue Grass Open or the Texas Sheepdog Finals and has won numerous trials all over the country such as the USBCHA and ABCA National Championship in Lexington, Kentucky.

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