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Our Good Dog - A Seven Week Program to an Exceptional Pet

Most training videos and DVDs have one thing in common...They show the TRAINER with a dog. This program is very different!

We filmed an actual seven week course using rescue dogs and their owners. You will be able to follow along, step-by-step and week by week and get the results that will make your dog into the exceptional family pet you always hoped he could be! It doesn't matter how old your pet is...the youngest dog in the class is 3 months old and the oldest is 9 years old!

Is your pet everything you want him to be?

Does he walk nicely on a loose lead?

Does he sit and down on verbal command and on hand signals?

Does he “leave it” and “drop it"?

Does he stay?

Does he come when called?

Is he polite when meeting new people?

Does he pay attention to you?

If the answer is NO, then this is the training program for you!

This program has been developed for the pet owner who wants a well-mannered, confident, fun and enjoyable pet!

This is a 7 week program designed for the pet owner using behavior modification and positive reinforcement. It is actual filming of a class with RESCUE dogs and their owners. You will be able to follow along, step by step, through this program that will teach you to train your pet to be an EXCEPTIONAL companion!

All you need is your dog, a flat collar, a 6 foot flat lead, long line and check cord, treats and the commitment to have a GOOD DOG!

If your pet is between 10 weeks old and 12 years old, this PROGRAM WORKS!

We have also included interviews with my Veterinarian on finding a Vet, Vaccinations, Heartworm Disease and, Microchips. There is also information on traveling safely in car with your dog, and preparing for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test and Therapy Dog certification.

This training program is actual classes. In it we teach you to teach your dog how to:

Leave It
Take It
Drop It
Walk on a loose leash
Beginning Heel
Hand Signals
Behave around other dogs
Greet People
Cure jumping

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Assistance Training
Basic Training
Problem Dogs
Trick Training

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