Shaping the Future by Leslie Nelson

Shaping the Future
Leslie Nelson

Leslie Nelson has packed information in this three day working seminar that would take weeks to learn. This is an exciting format that you can follow right along with your own dog practicing with the class. Each behavior is began with instruction and followed thru with handlers working with their dogs to achieve outstanding results.

This workshop will be of interest to instructor’s, trainers, pet professionals and anyone interested in taking their training to a higher level. Leslie shares her latest training tips and techniques that make training fun, understandable and effective whether you are training the family pet or your next competition dog.

Topics include:

Shaping with purpose: teaching complex behaviors using shaping & targeting
Cross Training: Improving performance in all canine sports
Retrieving Workshops: Shaping a reliable retrieve for dogs who don’t retrieve

DVD one begins with a massage lesson for relaxation and moves into teaching a retrieve to a handler.
DVD two covers retrieves to something else; foundation skills for targeting body parts; skills for life
DVD three continues targeting exercises; and walking the walk (heel).
DVD four introduces ‘find it’; hand targeting; come around; walking; reinforcements; competition obedience
DVD five works with the heel position; backing up; target durations and distance
DVD six continues with duration; verbal signals; a retrieve review; and scent work

This title is in the following categories:

Advanced/Pro Training

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