Positive Solutions for Solving Standard Behavioral Problems by Pam Dennison

Positive Solutions for Solving Standard Behavioral Problems
Pam Dennison

For dog owners or trainers of any level, this video will address typical problem behaviors using positive training methods. Positive solutions are discussed and implemented.

Very often dogs do things that annoy an owner. The way these problems are handled may intensify the unwanted behaviors, as well as create more serious issues. Many of these unwanted behaviors are often misinterpreted as aggression, dominance, or just plain being stubborn or stupid.

The behaviors discussed are: jumping, pulling on leash, not coming when called, charging through doorways, nipping, stealing and guarding objects, etc.

"We will be breaking down the solutions for these behaviors in small easy steps, utilizing, in some cases, the dogs own body language to get your point across, thus making it clear to the dog what you want from him without the use of traditional "corrections." Most of the time, the solutions are quite simple and may involve only a change in your own behavior to change the dog's behavior." Says Pam.

4 hour program taped LIVE at Off Lead Training Expo.

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