Ready - Steady - Go! 33 Tips for More Speed by Silvia Trkman

Ready - Steady - Go! 33 Tips for More Speed
Silvia Trkman

Sylvia's 5th training DVD, on SPEED this time: Ready-Steady-GO! – or 33 Tips for More Speed!

The DVD is 1 hour and 45min long and has 5 chapters, addressing Conditioning, Attitude, Games to play, dealing with Stress and making Agility training more about running.

Speed was always Sylvia's favorite topic and having the fifth dog who is constantly setting best times of all jump heights and holding a record of setting best time on World Championships for 20 times (16 times with La, 4 times with Bu – and Lo once had 2nd best time: after La :) ) probably means she have something important to tell :)

This DVD is recommended for handlers who feel their dog could still run even faster or deal with motivational or stress issues. You’ll also learn a lot on Sylvia's approach to agility and philosophy behind the training that makes them just as fast as they are – and a lot on conditioning that keeps them that fast that LONG!

This DVD also provides a good look into Sylvia's everyday life with her dogs as well as our agility trainings. This DVD is not just for dogs with speed issues! It also covers the very important pre-agility steps that Sylvia and her dogs follow the 33 Tips all the time.

Filmed in the beautiful Corsica mountains!

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