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Cooking for Your Canine: Homemade Dog Food Made Easy - Jason Dunn

With commercial dog food recalls on the rise and canine obesity and cancer causing early deaths in our pets, many pet owners are turning to homemade diets for their dogs. To meet the growing demand for a quick non-intimidating instructional video on preparing a homemade canine diet, Jason Dunn spent four years talking to over a hundred dog owners, all who feed a homemade diet. The result? Cooking for your Canine is the first instructional DVD that will teach you just how easy it is to make your dogs food.

Separated into three parts, Jason first explains the necessity for changing your dog’s diet, he then goes over the ingredients and their associated nutritional value and health benefits, and finally shows you in a fun “cooking show” style how to prepare the meal.

The method Jason has perfected is simple to follow, incorporates all the necessary dietary needs of your dog, and by making the food in a large batch will give you enough food for over a week. With this DVD you will learn the essentials to give your dog the natural diet its body was made to have.

What the experts have to say:
“Poor nutrition is one of the major contributors to our pet’s lower life expectancy. By feeding our pets mostly commercially available pet foods, we are unintentionally depriving these animals of important nutrients needed for sustaining the states of greater Wellness that their genetic material encodes.”
- William Pollak, DVM

“No one shows the why, the need, and the how of making your own dog food while making you laugh along the way quite like Jason Dunn”
- Aaron Kemmer, best selling author and president of Semprove Learning

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