Puppy Menu: Part 1 by Terry Ryan

Puppy Menu: Part 1
Terry Ryan

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part DVD series.

Puppy socialization and environmental enrichment. Many pet professionals believe the benefits of puppy classes outweigh the risk of infectious disease.

This seminar offers a seven category menu of learning experiences presented as an ongoing drop-in class. Puppies are allowed in class as early as veterinarian's will permit.

Having a Puppy Kindergarten or Puppy Headstart class enables puppies to accept varied elements of his or her environment. Many aspects of a dog's personality are governed by experiences before sixteen weeks of age.

This DVD begins with live video of an actual Puppy Headstart class with young puppies and their owners. Some are experiencing their first visit. Lecture follows explaining the various puppy class objectives, experiences, and training tools for young puppies.

Terry Ryan, CPDT-KA, President of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, has been a dog training class instructor since 1968. Through Legacy, Terry teaches pet dog classes, writes books, presents national and international seminars and workshops, hosts interns and consults. She was the Coordinator of the People-Pet Partnership, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University from 1981 until 1994. Terry was a competitor and American Kennel Club judge. She’s on the American Humane Society’s advisory board for humane dog training. Terry and her husband, Bill, live in Sequim with their English Cocker Spaniel, Brody.

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