Disc Dogs: What To Know Before You Throw! by Melissa Heeter

Disc Dogs: What To Know Before You Throw!
Melissa Heeter

In this video you'll learn about the fundamentals of focus play - when to start training, how to be safe and keep it fun for you and your dog, how to choose the right toys and discs for the right reasons, how to train your dog to desire the disc, and more.

This video lays the groundwork for everything that is to come later in your disc dog adventure! By following the tips you'll find here, you'll be positioned to get the most out of Melissa's next two videos, which teach you about advanced disc throwing techniques, and how to design a competitive routine.

If you want to take the right steps toward a fun, safe and competitive flying disc dog experience

In 1997 Melissa Heeter and her dog, Ariel Asah, made history by being the first woman to win the world championships title. Since winning she has dedicated her life to teaching pet owners how to have fun with their dogs!

In addition Melissa Heeter has produced six of the largest tournaments in the world, traveling around the US, Canda, Czech Rep, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, and South America performing, instructing, judging, volunteering, and certifying judges worldwide.


Melissa and her canine team have also performed for some of the largest fairs, festivals, professional sporting events in the US throughout the past decade.

Dog sports have been growing at a rapid pace worldwide and are about to make a gigantic explosion. Melissa's company, WOOF! Sports Entertainment, can delight you guests with World Champion Amazing Animal Athletes™, High Flying Disc Dog action, Obedience Training, Freestyle Dancing, Trick Behaviors, Dog Agility, and even complete tournament productions.

Bringing over 30 years experience as a leader in animal sports, Melissa is an accomplished professional animal trainer, performer, Disc Dog instructor, flying disc throwing instructor, and event organizer.

She has been the spokesperson for the Purina Puppy Chow Patrol, Purina Beneful Smart Spa, Frontline spokesperson at Vet seminars, performed on the Animal Planet Expo Tour in 7 cities of the 15 city tour, the first USDDN Judging Director, and owner of WOOF! Sports USA™.

Her goal is to help educated dog sports enthusiasts on physically conditioning and peaking their dog for performance sports. Growing up on a Michigan farm she learned to ride a horse at age three and was barrel racing at seven-years old. Melissa’s unique bond with animals has led her on a distinguished journey promoting the family-friendly, fun of Disc Dog® sports with the greatest flying show on four-legs!

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