Urban Alphatude 1 2 3 - Your Dog Wants YOU to Lead! by Ami Moore

Urban Alphatude 1 2 3 - Your Dog Wants YOU to Lead!
Ami Moore

Would you like to stop your dog from running away? How can you increase your dogs obedience in public? Are you tired of being held hostage in your home?

In order to create a balanced, happy and safe urban dog you need three elements - leadership, exercise and education or ALPHATUDE, AMIABILITY and ACTIVITY.

Did you know that your dog needs leadership more than food, water, or love? Yes he does. Learn about Alphatude. Alphatude starts with you.

Amiability = Educate. You have to educate your dog just like you educate your child - an untrained dog is like a loaded gun: Unreliable. Untrustworthy. Unsafe

Dogs are active. Activity is the third element that creates a balanced and happy dog. Activities can be physical, mental or psychological in nature. We teach you about the doggie DAMNS (Daily Activity Minimal Need).

Affection. Love and affection are the last elements for the perfect dog. Learn how to stop loving your dog too much and start leading them more-your dog will love you better.

Ami Moore is Chicago's Premier Dog Trainer & Behavioral Expert. At The Chicago Dog Coach she is dedicated to helping you to have a dog that everyone else loves as much as you do. She believes in the power of the pack and the empowerment of the dog owner. You don�t need to be held hostage by your hound in your own home. All you need is a little Alphatude Attitude.

Her Dog Boot Camp is a cutting edge dog training and owner education program that is the perfect way for the concerned pet parent to expose your dog to all of the good manners that she needs so that strangers will love her as much as you do. For owners who are interested in private at home instruction she has a Rapid Rover Rehab plan.

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