Barking Up the Right Tree: Premium Pet Photography by Robyn Kessler

Barking Up the Right Tree: Premium Pet Photography
Robyn Kessler

San Francisco based wedding and pet photographer Robyn Kessler creates wonderful images for her clients that not only capture the moment, but tug at our heartstrings as well. Her work is described and comfortable, casual and captivating.

ShootSmarter.com founder Will Crockett spends a day with Robyn to see how she produces such happy clients and the secret is clear - she knows how to make amazing photographs. Not a technical photographer by any means, Robyn “goes with the flow” and ends up with images that her customers pay very well for. Will introduces Robyn Kessler’s work and describes what is ahead in this 48 minute video:

Studio Tour. Robyn leads Will Crockett through her adorable space that is stylish, functional and very contemporary and talks about topics like:

Her image projection space, Pre shoot sales conferences with prospective clients,
Album layout space,
Integrating with her neighboring businesses to cross-promote,
Blending her dog photo clients with her wedding photo clients,
Robyn’s client bathroom that Will describes as “Chick-A-Licious” : )

About the Business. Only in business at the studio for 4 years, Robyn describes her background and how she has been so successful in developing new customers and touches on topics like:

Volume of wedding shoots vs dog portrait sessions. Pricing for shoots, and prints. Proofing in “cute” boxes.
Selling large prints of pups.

About the Technique. RAW or JPEG?
Preparing for a shoot that can be either indoor or outdoors.
Meeting the pet at the consultation.
Interviewing the customer to define what the customer wants.

Meeting the Dachshunds. This is the fist photo session at the clients lovely home. Will describes what Robyn is shooting and her camera / lens combos.
The dogs start to loosen up with Robyn’s camera clicking and she takes them on the stairs and rings the doorbell to get the pups animated.

Playtime Pictures. Will Describes how Robyn sets her camera and shoots in high ISO and even shoots with long shutter speeds. Robyn calms the dogs down with some quiets and cuddling shots with their owners using only available light.

Off to the Bedroom! These dogs love to snooze on the bed so off goes Robyn with the dogs and owners for some cute photos.

The Pet Shop. One of the owners happens to own a high-end pet boutique and they move over to the shop to have a photo session in the middle of the day with real customers coming and going and Robyn gets some amazing images.

A Fancy Hotel. Shooting the dogs in an unusual environment like the Ritz-Carlton hotel (no kidding) leads to some spectacular images using a variety of lenses and locations to make the available light work for her.

Post Processing. Will and Robyn return to the studio to discuss how the images are collected, edited, and printed to her lab.

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