Training Your Agility Dog by Peter Lewis

Training Your Agility Dog
Peter Lewis

This DVD teaches how to train the dog to hit every contact point and has a detailed training section on how to handle a dog in an Agility Competition.

Peter Lewis is one of the original founders of the Agility Dog Sport.

In 1980, The Kennel Club became the first organization to recognize agility as an official sport with a sanctioned set of rules, and the first agility test to be held under the new regulations was the team event at Crufts that year. The event was judged by Peter Meanwell, with Peter Lewis as his scribe. Peter Lewis and John Gilbert (one of the few original 1978 competitors who continues to participate in agility competition, training, and judging) went on to play a major part in spreading the sport of dog agility across Europe and around the world. 1983 saw the founding of the Agility Club, the first national agility club in the UK publishing the Agility Voice, the first agility magazine.

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