Classics of Training: Competition Basics, Fronts & Finishes, Variable & Unpredictable by Patty Ruzzo

Classics of Training: Competition Basics, Fronts & Finishes, Variable & Unpredictable
Patty Ruzzo

Disc 1 - Competition Basics - Recorded in 1996 as part of the "Power of Positive Training" Series
Patty explains and demonstrates laying the foundation for the basics of heeling, attention and retrieving including a video sequence of the progression from the early stages of a young puppy through adolescence.

Disk 2 - Fronts & Finishes, Variable & Unpredictable - Recorded in 1997 as a sequel to "Competition Basics"
Patty demonstrates using reinforcement to polish "fronts & finishes" and increase competition scores. In the second half of this disc Patty gives some ideas for changing reinforcement and practice routines to keep the dog's intensity, interest and maximize performance.

Disc 1 is Competition Basics - Heeling, Attention, Retrieving

Disc 2 is Fronts & Finishes, Variable & Unpredictable.

Patty Ruzzo was a competition obedience winner using traditional training methods in the 1980s-early 90s, when she decided to (as she put it) "take the leash off of my dog and see just how good a trainer I really was". Not having any familiarity with behavioral science, or operant conditioning, she called her new approach: Training with Love (and “cookies"). Her motto was,
"Got a problem? Put a cookie on it". Her idea of ignoring a mistake, and simply continuing to help the dog and reward the correct behavior was revolutionary at that time and it totally came from her HEART. In 1994 when she saw a video presentation by Ted Turner, she wrote to me that she "felt as if she had been launched into the future of dog training". And indeed she had been. She now had the scientific basis for why what she was doing was working (and why some of it wasn't working). She never liked things too scientific, and she was resistant to using scientific terms. She didn't use a clicker.

Patty was a great, funny, engaging speaker, and put on seminars around the country. She was always smiling, always positive with people and with her human students and seminar attendees as well as with the dogs. She was big believer and proponent of positive MENTAL preparedness for competition.

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