Patient Like the Chipmunks by Bob Bailey

Patient Like the Chipmunks
Bob Bailey

What can be better for the world of animal behavior! This is the true story of the evolution of the science of operant conditioning and contains rarely seen footage of pioneers in this field at work. Patient Like The Chipmunks (PLTC) is a documentary combined with the personal details that only the people who were "there" can bring you. Here is the story of Animal Behavior Enterprises (ABE) and its founders Keller and Marian Breland (and later Bob Bailey) and how their work revolutionized animal training through the first commercial application of the then-new operant conditioning science and technology invented by the Harvard Professor of Psychology B. F. Skinner's.

PLTC tells how operant conditioning and applied animal behavior became a powerful, practical and useful behavioral technology in our understanding of animal behavior. PLTC chronicles this history, through incredible photographs and film footage, showing the Brelands' first lessons training pigeons to guide bombs during World War II, and the Baileys' pioneering work with free-flying birds and free-swimming dolphins more than three decades ago. Together, the Brelands and the Baileys trained thousands of individual animals and over 140 different species including humans. PTLC is for animal trainers, including dog trainers, psychologists, students, historians, and anyone interested in the early development of modern day animal training methods.

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