Rhythmic Paws 2: Teaching Distance Moves by Attila Szkukalek

Rhythmic Paws 2: Teaching Distance Moves
Attila Szkukalek

In this exciting follow up to the highly successful 'Rhythmic Paws' video, Attila Szkukalek Ph.D. an Animal Behaviorist, Trainer, Canine Freestyle Champion and International Judge and Tutor extends his training to distance and advanced moves. Now with Rhythmic Paws 2, you can learn how to teach your dog:

* To move away from you in different directions and positions
* To perform different moves at a distance
* To perform advanced and innovative moves seen in the Gladiator routine
* To ultimately perform in a choreographed routine with music

All exercises are shown step by step and it is easy to follow for both beginner and experienced handlers.

# Introduction
# Choreography of the Gladiator Routine
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) luring
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) anticipation
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) forward shaping
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) fading the target
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) generalizing
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) changing the command
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) increasing the speed
# STOPPING AT DISTANCE - using hand cue
# STOPPING AT DISTANCE - using lead and barriers
# STOPPING AT DISTANCE - using target
# WORKING AT A DISTANCE - using a platform target
# WORKING AT A DISTANCE - behind the target
# TEACHING THE "LEAVE" - lead control
# TEACHING THE "TAKE" - lead control
# WORKING AT A DISTANCE - exercise with send-away
# WORKING AT A DISTANCE - walking at side
# SEND-AWAY - (forwards) half circle
# SEND-AWAY - (backwards) platform target
# TURN and REVERSE - (continuous) lure reward
# SEND-AWAY (backwards) TURN and REVERSE using multiple targets
# MOVES FROM "THE GLADIATOR" - the long jump
# CIRCLING - (around) anticipation and targeting
# CIRCLING - (in front) anticipation
# CIRCLING - (figure of eight) alternating commands
# MOVES FROM "THE GLADIATOR" - changing cues
# WALKING SIDEWAYS - (in front)
# WALKING SIDEWAYS - (outwards)
# WALKING SIDEWAYS - (inwards)
# MOVES FROM "THE GLADIATOR" - pulling and pushing the sword

Attila Szkukalek is an animal behaviorist / trainer, canine freestyle tutor, judge and competitor. His canine partner is 4-year-old Border Collie "Fly" (or her posh name; Corrobore Happy New Year). Attila and Fly started practicing and competing in Canine Freestyle in 1999 and won have since the UK National Competitions in 1999 (Novice), 2000 (Intermediate), and 2001 and 2002 (Advanced Divisions). They have also competed and finished first at the WCFO World Video Competition in December 99 and the WCFO Canine Come Dancing competition in Jersey in September 2000.

In addition to competing in Canine Freestyle, Attila has been giving Canine Freestyle training days and seminars and also talks on dog behavior and training in the UK and abroad. Attila and Fly have also appeared on several television programs in the UK such as Blue Peter, Big Breakfast, The Wright Stuff, BBC South-West and East Anglia News and in different dance-show productions and have been featured in several newspaper articles. In addition, this wonderful team has been presenting their routines in the special events ring at Crufts for the last 3 years.

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