Common Behavior Problems in Dogs by Amber Cottle

Common Behavior Problems in Dogs
Amber Cottle

Understanding why a behavior occurs in the first place will teach us how to prevent it from happening or recurring. If an inappropriate behavior is not replaced with a more appropriate behavior, the inappropriate behavior is continually reinforced and becomes a bigger problem. Proper socializing also plays a vital role in the behavior of your dog as an adult. This DVD addresses how behavior problems are the #1 cause of surrender among dog owners.

In this DVD, Amber discusses:
*Most common behavior problems and their causes
*How to properly correct behavior problems
*Why leadership is so important
*Diet and effects on behavior
*3 R's to behavior modification
*what to do if a problem arises

Amber Cottle is a certified Dog Trainer and Behavior Specialist with thousands of hours of experience in preventing and rehabilitating canine behavior problems.

This title is in the following categories:

Advanced/Pro Training
Basic Training
Problem Dogs

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