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Shelter Dogs: A Documentary Film by Cynthia Wade

Each day, hundreds of thousands of stray and unwanted dogs are born around the world. How society should care for these homeless animals -- many of whom end up at animal shelters -- is a controversial topic with significant humanitarian and public health implications.

At one rural animal shelter in upstate New York, founder Sue Sternberg and her staff respond to this crisis -- one animal at a time. As a seemingly endless stream of homeless dogs arrives at their doorstep, Sternberg and her staff navigate a world in which there are no simple solutions, and where decisions are often of a life-and-death nature.

Some of the dogs are immediately placed in wonderful, permanent homes. But there are also troubling moral dilemmas surrounding some of the "gray area" dogs. If a dog bites a shelter worker, is it ethical to adopt him out to the general public? If a dog guards his food, can he be trusted in a family with children? And what about the dogs that never find homes -- is it more humane to sentence them to a lifetime in the shelter or to euthanize them?

Filmed and edited over the course of three years, this award-winning documentary provides a fresh, provocative look at the complex, morally ambiguous world of animal sheltering. With breathtaking footage of the Catskill Mountain region, deeply intimate scenes, and a gripping exploration of real-world ethical choices, it is certain to move both dog lovers and the general public alike.

PLEASE NOTE: This film contains strong content and scenes of euthanasia, and therefore may not be suitable for children under the age of 14. Viewer discretion is advised.

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