Step Up to Platform Training by Michele Pouliot

Step Up to Platform Training
Michele Pouliot

Multiple International Freestyle Champion Michele Pouliot guides you through using Platforms as powerful tools in dog training for a variety of canine sport competitions—or simply for good manners. Michele Pouliot has been a professional guide dog trainer since 1974, maintaining successful hobbies in a variety of competitive dog and equine sports. Since 2000, Michele has immersed herself in clicker training techniques, adopting them to her hobbies and training and crossing guide dog programs over to this powerful positive reinforcement method of teaching any species.

Along her training journey, Michele discovered how effective raised platforms can be in training many behaviors. She continues to explore and expand the use of platforms in most areas of her training and is sought after for instruction in their use. Michele is pleased to share her effective use of this fun yet powerful training tool.

DVD content:

* Introduction to Platform Work
* Platform Training for litters and young puppies
* Training a Default Platform Behavior
* Training Precise Positions to the Handler
* Adding Cues to Positions
* Cue Discrimination for Positions
* Removing the Platforms
* Variety of Applications for Training Platform

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