More Moves and Music by Richard Curtis

More Moves and Music
Richard Curtis

In this DVD, Richard Curtis presents more information on the many different types of moves that can be used in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle, including:

* New moves plus some using props
* Advancing moves and training
* Use of clicker training to achieve moves i.e. paw over face
* Creating routines and example routines

Richard Curtis is one of the UKs leading Heelwork to music / Canine freestyle handlers. He has successfully competed in Canine freestyle / dog dancing and obedience, winning the Crufts freestyle final not once but twice with different dogs in 2006 and 2010. Richard has judged the Crufts finals in 2007 and has officiated at various competitions in the UK and around the world. Richard is a renowned instructor and regularly teaches Heelwork to music workshops in the UK and abroad.

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Clicker Training

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