Reading Between the Lines by Patricia McConnell

Reading Between the Lines
Patricia McConnell

This half day presentation will use slides and videos to help you “read” dogs so that you can predict and influence their behavior. As we all know, dogs communicate to one another with a range of visual signals. Some of these signals are pretty obvious - you don’t need a PhD. to tell you that the dog snarling and lunging at you might be trouble - but some signals are more subtle. Presented to animal control officers in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 2004, the program emphasizes subtle canine visual signals that are good predictors of a dog’s internal state and future behavior. The better you are at reading them, the safer you’ll be. Dogs are also strongly influenced by the visual signals they pick up from you and subtle changes in which way your body leans, your breathing patterns and your clothing can actually have a big effect on how a dog responds to you.

The goal of this presentation is to help you to prevent problems when you interact with household dogs, to be able to predict trouble if you can’t, and get yourself into a safe situation.

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Advanced/Pro Training
Problem Dogs

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