Walking the Course - What to Look For and How to Plan Your Run by Kathy Keats

Walking the Course - What to Look For and How to Plan Your Run
Kathy Keats

One of the most important skills you can develop as a handler is the ability to effectively walk the course prior to your run. Competitors who can consistently read the course correctly and then develop and execute their plan are often the most successful. One needs to understand that memorizing the obstacles is much different than analyzing the course and developing a handling strategy. In this DVD, you will see Kathy Keats breaking down actual courses and you will learn how to recognize directional changes and different types of challenges each course presents. She explains in detail why and when you might use certain cross types as well as where you might place these crosses.

Kathy brings an extensive background in competitive sports, physiology, motor learning, performance analysis, biomechanics and sport psychology to agility. She is a graduate of the National Coaching Institute in Canada, has her Level IV National Coaching Certification and studied Human Performance at the University of Victoria.

Kathy has worked with many of the top agility handlers and trainers in North America and Britain, as well as working with Bob and the late Marian Bailey in their workshops, studying the practical application of operant conditioning to behavior.

Kathy owns and operates Just Click Agility in Richmond, Ontario, at the north end of Toronto. She presents seminars in Canada and the U.S. and has instructed at Clean Run, Power Paws and Say Yes camps. Kathy has also been the Managing Editor of Clean Run Magazine.

Kathy has four Border Collies, Echo, Mojo, Cadence and Ink.
Her current competition dog, Mojo, is the current 22 IFCS Overall World Champion and the current 22 IFCS World Champion in Jumpers as well as the IFCS Bronze Medalist in Snooker and Gamblers. At the 2003 AAC Canadian National Championships in a six round cumulative format, Mojo achieved two 1st place and one 2nd place finish in the individual rounds. Mojo also placed 2nd in the very competitive USDAA 2003 Northeast Super Regional in New Hampshire and has been a USDAA Grand Prix of Agility semi-finalist and USDAA Steeplechase semi-finalist two years in a row. Mojo will also be appearing on the ESPN Great Outdoor Games Large Dog Agility.

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