Puppy Obedience Training - Phase II by Sandra Ladwig

Puppy Obedience Training - Phase II
Sandra Ladwig

Shows how to begin putting the Novice pieces together, how to use treats effectively, then how to begin to wean your dog off the treats, while getting it to respond to your cues and body suggestions. It will also teach you how to gain a work ethic from your dog.

Disc 1:
Maneuverability & Flexibility
Forward Sit
Backward Stand
Backward Down
Side Passing
Focus on the Handler
Preparation for the Figure 8

Disc 2:
Wait Game
Recall Correction
Intro To Dumbbell
Scent Work

Sandra Ladwig has been involved in competitive dog obedience training since she was twelve years old. She has won over 235 High in Trials and 176 High Combined Awards and has earned multiple 200 scores and over 5,000 OTCH points. Along the way, she has finished seven Obedience Trial Champions. She has also shown and placed at many obedience tournaments and has repeatedly been ranked in the yearly rating systems. She has been sharing her knowledge for over twenty years through private lessons, seminars and yearly workshops. More recently, she has completed three instructional videos, showing her style and methods of training.

Her students' accomplishments are also a testimonial to her methods. Those students have gone on to win numerous High in Trial and High Combined Awards, multiple 200 scores, placed at the obedience tournaments and have achieved 31 Obedience Trial Championships on their dogs to date

Although Sandra is an avid obedience competitor, she states that "her dogs are her companions first" and she believes in enjoying her dogs in her every day live. When a new puppy enters her household, that puppy is with her for it's entire life. They are not kept in a kennel, waiting to participate in activity. They are active throughout the day, either taking walks thru the woods or trotting along side her as she rides her horses. She fully admits that this makes it harder to train and keep up their attitudes, because they would much rather be playing then working. But she also contends that by working and playing together, it creates a bond between the trainer and the dog that grows much deeper than normal.

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