Breeding Working Lines and NVBK Training by Gus Artiles

Breeding Working Lines and NVBK Training
Gus Artiles

This DVD explains the breeding methods of Gus Artiles, his selection process of his breeding stock and his philosophy. It talks about how he started his breeding program and how it evolved. It also speaks on how to breed and who to breed to produce working Mechelaars (Belgian Malinois). It gets into topics such as line breeding, inbreeding, outcrossings, and do's and don'ts of the business.

It also covers the progression in training of each NVBK bitework exercise and agility exercise. There is a detailed explanation of the training of each training progression. This portion of the video is dedicated to beginning NVBK enthusiasts to expand their knowledge on how to train the program.

Gus Artiles is the owner of Vom Artiles Kennels in Florida where he breeds and trains Belgian Malinois, Germans Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds for police work and for personal protection and as home guard dogs.

He also offers clinics and classes on Basic and Advanced obedience and has competed in French Ring Competition.

He offers training, education and overall knowledge of NVBK (Belgian Ring), Schutzhund, French Ring, and Obedience dog training.

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