Running Contacts by Ali Roukas-Canova

Running Contacts
Ali Roukas-Canova

Want "true" running contacts? This hour-and-a-half-long comprehensive video is a must-have if you want to teach your dog to run through the contact zone without breaking stride—consistently, and with speed and accuracy. Ali Roukas-Canova's dogs are widely recognized as having some of the fastest and most consistent running contacts in the world. Ali has developed and taught her system to many different dogs of different sizes, shapes, and breeds with great success. Her unique program includes the use of a touch board, hoops, stride regulators, and jumps. Now Ali's secrets for successful running contacts can be yours.

**Please Note: 1 minute of Audio is not dubbed properly on couple of these DVDs. The missing audio is a demo on the dogwalk and the author says the exact same thing while the dog is on the A-Frame so essentially you will not miss any pertinent information.

About the Author
Ali Roukas-Canova is one of the most sought-after instructors in the US. Ali's dogs hold multiple championship titles. They have been in the USDAA Top Ten charts and have competed in the USDAA and AKC National Finals for the past five years.

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