Agility Fix-It  - Contacts & Weave Poles by Julie Daniels

Agility Fix-It - Contacts & Weave Poles
Julie Daniels

The first volume of the new Julie Daniels Agility Fix-It DVD series! This is a step-by-step demonstration of operant training by one of the most successful trainers and competitors in agility. Features an introduction to operant training in addition to instructional segments on using targets for upside and downside contacts, using hoops on contacts, a game for reinforcing contact performance, weave pole entries, weave pole exits, and speed in the weave poles. This DVD will provide the answers whether you're looking for a plan to retrain a dog with problem poles or contacts or you're looking for a plan to train a new dog from scratch.

Julie Daniels is a well-known teacher and helper of dogs and people. She is a national agility finalist in the U.S. and one of the first agility judges to be accredited by the USDAA. In addition to training her own dogs, Julie teaches agility seminars, beginning and advanced agility classes, dog obedience classes, and puppy school.

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