Breaking Bad Habits
In DVD examines how to eliminate a dog's bad habits by using a variety of training techniques. DVD covers: How Dogs Learn (Reward & Punishment) Training Equipment The Dominant Dog (How to Reduce it) Recall Separation Anxiety Excessive Barking Destructive Behavior Play Biting Jumping Up Aggressive, Nervous and Dominant Dogs Stealing Food & Scavenging Oversexed Toilet Training Stopping Dogs Pulling Approx 60 mins.

Totally Fetching: Teaching and Proofing a Reliable Retrieve

Jump Into Agility - American Kennel Club Junior Series

Pup 2 Perfection

Rent Set

We Will Miss You: Support for Grieving the Death of a Pet

Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer - Learning to Learn

Understanding a Dog's Potty Behavior: How it can make you a better observer and enhance your scent sport training and trailing

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